Training accounts

Be a trainer

As a trainer, you can request the creation of temporary accounts for a defined duration.

To be a trainer, send an email to requesting training rights and explaining your needs.

After approval, you will have access in my to a TP reservations menu.

Create sessions

To create a training session, specify the number of accounts needed and the begin/end session dates.

Accounts will have access to all GenOuest services, with a home directory, like any other account, they just don't need a valid email and won't be subscribed to the mailing list.

Accounts are created 5 days before the session, and an email containing user identifiers and passwords will be sent to the trainer.

At session time, or once accounts are created, trainees may need to create/upload their SSH key (my), depending on needed materials/services.

Accounts and related storage are deleted 5 days after the session, this delay gives time for trainees to get some training session data if needed.