Our facility provides development, trainings, expertise and resources for bioinformatics, primarily for academic research.

Provided resources include, but are not limited to, computing, biological databanks, software and collaboration tools.

Click on the "Usage" menu at the top for help on using our services.

Getting an account

To use most of our resources, you will need an account. Only a few of the web tools we host allow anonymous usage.

To create an account, see GenOuest account.

Using our resources

We host computing resources to submit jobs to a HPC cluster, a Galaxy instance, a private cloud, preinstalled software and databanks, and much more... See all our services.

Each account gets a free amount of data storage. If you have specific data storage requirements, we can discuss together to increase your quotas, however we expect you come with a clear data management plan (DMP).

If you plan to use our resources, please contact us before submitting your research project proposal to funding agencies. This will allow us to plan your requirements together and, if needed, the purchase of computing resources.


You can ask to be a trainer to create temporary accounts for your training session.

Citing and terms of use

To use GenOuest services, you must comply with our terms of use.

If you publish a research article, we ask you to add a note indicating that you used our resources. Please see the Citing GenOuest page.

GDPR and user data collection

All user information stored in the GenOuest information system is solely for GenOuest use and is not shared with anyone else.

Personal information (email, phone, address etc.) is only used by administrators to contact users in the following cases:

We do not use cookies to track your usage. However, session cookies are sometimes used to enable you to log in to an application. If you disable cookies in your browser, you won't be able to log in to those applications. Once you logout, all session information is deleted.

Working at GenOuest

We welcome newcomers, be it a permanent academic, a trainee or a developper working on one of our wonderful projects. In all cases, each one must follow the same rules and will be trained to our quality and compute environment.

What we do

Managing a computing facility also means managing operating systems, networks, user account and many other things. To do so, we internally develop a lot of software. And because we use a lot of open source software, almost all our developments are open source too. They are usually available at https://github.com/genouest.

We also have strong collaborations with other labs/entities such as IFB (in particular the cluster and cloud actions) and the Elixir European infrastructure.


See our FAQ for common questions/issues.



Plate-forme GenOuest IRISA-INRIA, Campus de Beaulieu 35042 Rennes cedex, France

Mail: support@genouest.org

Twitter: @GenOuest