Object store

Swift storage

This storage is a cold storage facility, you may compare it to a Dropbox storage. This means that you cannot read/write files directly but you need to pull/push your files to access them. However, you can remotely access them via your browser and share them via temporary url with other users. Files can also be annoted with additional meta-data.

This service is hosted in our Openstack cloud (Openstack Swift, similar to Amazon S3), and data can be accessed from your cloud virtual machines, our cluster or any external location. Storage is linked to an openstack project. By default, you have a cloud project matching your genouest user identifier, and your identifiers are your genouest account ones.

You can upload/download/browse files from a Web user interface, a python client, or via an API to manage access via your scripts/services:

Command-line example:

swift --os-auth-url https://genostack-api-keystone.genouest.org/v3 --auth-version 3 --os-project-name my_genouest_user_identifier --os-project-domain-name Users --os-username my_genouest_user_identifier --os-user-domain-name Users --os-password my_genouest_user_password list

Default quota is 100Gb but can be extended on demand.